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The Aus KartDynoKart Force is now equipped with one of the best Dyno facilities in the country.

To receive accurate results from such equipment, the environment in which the dyno is housed must be controlled to the best possible degree.
This is done by controlling:

  • Temperature
  • Density
  • Pressure

Kart Force has achieved all this by installing refridgerated airconditioning, insulation and fitting not only exhaust fans, but also inlet fans to stabilise pressure to a neutral state.

We can even alter the pressure in the Dyno room to achieve a testing environment equal to a high or low altitude circuit.

• What the Dyno means to you

Knowing the amount of horsepower or torque your engine produces is nice, but what kart racers really want to know is 'What Engine configuration will get you out of the corner and to the next corner quickest', along with an estimate of the time and or distance gained.

The Aus Kartdyno at Kart Force has been designed by Dynokart to tell you exactly this.

• Engine Run-in

Kart Force also run-in rebuilt engines quickly and accurately for consistant results, to save you time and money.




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Dyno Now Available! New Store Now Open!